When Seán arrived in the Fresher’s Tent at the start of the week, he was immediately accosted by his new housemate, Barry, who seemed terribly excited about his society.

‘Hi, Seán, it’s great to see you, mad how we’d bump into each other in a place like this eh!’ said Barry, ignoring the fact that it was completely obvious that Seán would be in the Fresher’s Tent on the only day he had off that week. ‘You’ve got to sign up for this society that I’m on the committee of, it’s brilliant! We organise tea 7 coffee mornings, we got on trip to do fun stuff, and we have mad nights out to top things off!’.

Seán anxiously looked around for a way to escape, but before he could, he was surrounded by other members of the committee. ‘If you join our society you’ll get 15% off some restaurant that you’ve never been to and never will go to!’ said the Auditor. The Treasurer then followed up with ‘You’ll also get free entry to Dicey’s before 3pm, that’s a deal you won’t get anywhere else!’

With no alternatives left open to him, Seán grudgingly handed over his €2, and succumbed to joining the society as the Committee surrounding him began to chant ‘One of us! One of us! One of us………’


By Shane Clune – Turbine Editor