Over the course of the summer and coming into the start of the new academic year student housing has become an increasing and complex problem. Many UCD students are finding it difficult to get accommodation around Dublin with a large number still without residence.

The problem, check which has always been present for those students moving to Dublin, seems to be only increasing. This is being put down to an increase in the price of renting; with prices in South Dublin rising by nearly 10%. More young professionals are also choosing to rent rather than buy and therefore driving students out of the already competitive market.

Second year Arts student Riona Cleary has been searching for accommodation in South Dublin for the past two months and is still without a place to live. She told the College Tribune, “every landlord so far has blown us off or made me travel to Dublin for a viewing and then when I get there I call them asking for the address and they say the apartment is already gone”.

The Students’ Union has been trying to help those who are still struggling by setting up a guide on their website with links and tips. It has also employed an accommodation officer who students can go to for advice and help. A Facebook page has been set up for incoming 1st years encouraging them to liaise with each other and find larger accommodation for house sharing.

Welfare officer Mícheál Gallagher told the Tribune, “in the last couple of days people are coming into my office who are literally homeless” and made the assurance that the SU were doing their best to help students.