Over recent years there has been varied debates about whether we should legalise Aloe Vera, or just keep it illegal. Maybe just recreational and medicinal, or just medicinal. I believe we must have an open and honest debate about this important issue and can no longer allow ourselves to remain ignorant on this subject.

With countries like Denmark, Austria and France legalising medicinal Aloe Vera recently, we must ask ourselves whether we should follow suit. Ireland, the US, Germany and Finland are the only countries in the world who have a total ban on the drug. However, as attitudes have changed dramatically over recent years, and new medical studies have come out highlighting the benefits of Aloe Vera to people with skin conditions, we must have a national debate on this matter.

I must admit, I tried Aloe Vera in college like most people. I was young, careless and had acne. It gave me great relief and did not make me lazy like many say it does. I think it is imperative that we have this debate, as people like me have struggled with sunburns, rashes and cuts for years without having any medicinal help. Do we not deserve to feel relief for our pain?

Seán Farbuckt – Turbine Writer