QAnon supporters in Ireland have recently stated their disappointment of there not being enough officially missing children in Ireland to substantiate their claim that thousands of children are kidnapped every year by the “Political Elite”. “We want to save the children but there aren’t enough children” said one.

QAnon has gained a lot of popularity recently after alleged US president Donald Trump was asked whether he would disavow the movement, to which he replied “I dunno what it is”. This has sent waves of excitement through the QAnon online spaces as they believe Trump may have blinked as he said these lines, which they interpret as meaning to prepare to storm the underground bunkers in New York to save the 800,000 kidnapped children.

Meanwhile, Irish Q fans are hoping not to miss out on the action but have been disappointed at the lack of any signs of military underground bunkers in Ireland. The group has attributed this problem to a lack of funding to the Irish military and have subsequently set up a Go Fund Me for the cause.

Money that has been received so far has been rejected by the Department of Defence. “We appreciate this newfound support for Irish missions; however, we cannot accept funds from outside sources” a spokesperson said. When asked if he had any plans to conduct any child abductions for satanic ritual purposes, he responded, “what in the f**k are you talking about”.

This answer had led many Q supporters here to assume he was insinuating that the Irish military was, in fact, gearing up to export children in their captivity to Egypt. They claim this is due to the fact that there were 31 letters in his reply, which they say corresponds to the 31 feathers on the Ancient Egyptian god Ra’s coat. Plans to find more missing children has led Irish Q supporters to look elsewhere, the group now claims that Irish American children also count.

The extreme lack of evidence to back up any of their claims has not deterred the group. They insist that Leo Varadkar is, indeed, a Satanist who blisses out on the drug adrenochrome, which they claim is harvested from children (even though the drug is not actually produced by the human body). “Open your eyes sheeple” said one lady who had gotten a Facebook account in the last year, “they’ve been planning this for decades, I predicted this would happen, I know what’s going to happen next. If you want to believe the lame-stream media, go ahead, or you can go onto Youtube and find the true facts”. Asked whether she was going to do anything other than comment on family member’s posts, she declined to comment.  It is still not known whether Q supporters in Ireland will become as insane as their American and British counterparts, but one insisted that for the sake of saving imaginary children being held underground, they will endeavour to do so.

MAnon – InfoWars Correspondent