In the first easing of restrictions in over 100 days, the government has permitted air travel between counties

As of April 12th, it is now permitted to travel by plane to other counties. The move was taken to increase travel options “for a select few people” with “no regard for the average citizen”. It is now possible to travel between Cork, Dublin and Galway for considerable cost and at a significant health risk.

The move has drawn criticism due to the significant threat of transmission that comes with air travel. This same criticism has been directed towards the continued trend of individuals entering Ireland through air travel from high-risk regions with no substantial or reliably enforced measures to prevent the spread of new variants. Critics have also pointed out how lax restrictions around air travel have been relative to the other restrictions which continue to disrupt the lives of the Irish public.

When these criticism were presented to Health Minister Stephen Donnelly, he replied “We don’t care” and added “What are you gonna do about it, punk?”

Congo Jack – Airplane Driver