Ciaran, 22, had recently graduated from UCD in Computer Science and was really excited to return to Ireland and begin a career having been offered employment in his field of choice. It is hard to find all the right words to describe Ciaran and do the man justice. He was the most genuine, down-to-earth, intelligent, caring, attentive and wholesome human being I have ever met. 

He had every positive trait you would look for in a friend. He had his own style of humour and mannerisms that would make you smile and laugh every time he spoke or did something. He was different to everyone I know in that sense and no matter what the situation or circumstance, Ciaran would always take the positive outlook on the matter. 

He was an extremely popular man amongst his peers and well-liked by everyone he met. He had perfect manners and would always treat anyone he met with the same respect he would show his friends. 

The photograph of Ciaran inserted above was one I took of on our first day in Vancouver, as we sat and waited to be called to get our Social Insurance Numbers. He loved cartoons and superhero movies, especially The Incredibles. I would consider Ciaran as a Mr. Incredible due to the character of the man. 

I was lucky enough to share a house with Ciaran on two separate occasions in my life and he was an exemplary house mate who would always be in a great mood when returning for work and get you motivated to go enjoy the evenings. He loved the outdoors and physical activities whether it was chilling in the park outside our house in Dublin or on the beaches of Vancouver, going for walks around the city or playing basketball. Ciaran always wanted to be active and enjoy life. 

Tragically, on the night of Wednesday August the 21st Ciaran accidentally fell from an elevated height in New York and passed away from the injuries he had sustained as a result. He had left Vancouver two weeks prior to travel across North America with other friends that lived with Ciaran and I in Vancouver, visiting Seattle, Chicago, Toronto and Montreal in the meantime with New York the last stop of the trip. It is an absolute travesty that someone as incredible as Ciaran is no longer able to continue to touch the lives of every person he would meet and enjoy the life a man of his quality deserves. However, everyone who knew Ciaran will forever remember how much of a brilliant, funny and kind gentleman that he was and how good of a true friend he was. Ciaran will always be missed but never forgotten.


Written By Niall Dolphin

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  1. Thank you Niall.
    Ciaran was a beautiful kind gentle person and his spirit is with us always. V sad on his family and friends.
    Auntie Connie

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