BNP leader Nick Griffin has invitation withdrawn by The Phil


Trinity College’s Philosophical Society, purchase a public speaking and debating society, cheap withdrew their invitation to British National Party leader Nick Griffin to speak at an immigration debate on October 20th.


The Philosophical society, sovaldi sale commonly known as The Phil, said in a statement that they could not go ahead with the debate “without compromising the safety of staff and students”. The issue of safety came about after a ‘sit-in’ was held in protest along with sabotaging emails sent by the anti-fascist group, Trinity Against Fascism.


As leader of the BNP, Griffin has made his strong views against immigration widely public and has made many controversial statements on subjects such as Islam and race.


Griffin responded by appealing directly to Phil honorary patron, Sir Bob Geldof, to intervene, through a letter which was forwarded to twenty further honorary patrons including Bertie Ahern, John Hume, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and John McCain.




Occupy Dame Street Movement Gathers Momentum

Occupy Dame Street, a non-violent Irish contingent of the worldwide ‘Occupy’ people’s movement, was supported by almost two thousand people on Saturday 22nd October during a protest march from The Garden of Remembrance to the Central Bank Plaza.

The group have been using the Central Bank, Dublin city centre, as a base for their protest for over 2 weeks now and have set up camp. The demonstration has come about as a way for “those who have to shoulder a national debt that is not theirs” to protest.

The group have 4 demands: the EU and IMF to stay out of Ireland’s affairs; an end to the burden of private debt on Irish people; the ownership of oil and gas reserves to be returned to Ireland; and for real participatory democracy.

The protesters have no plans to move from the area in front of the Central Bank.

By Caroline Keiller   

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