An Irish student has been widely criticised following his decision to “work on an essay” during reading week. The student, who cannot be named or identified for legal reasons, has caused outrage at his inability to follow basic instructions.

Reports have indicated that the student believed the five days he had without lectures would be a perfect time to get the rest of an essay he had, which is due on November 3rd, completed. Despite being aware that the lack of classes he had that week was the result of reading week, the student seemed totally unaware of the difference between “reading” and “writing”.

Rumours have suggested that this student has written material for not one but three essays as well as notes for all the material he has been reading. While this is speculative, UCD administration have confirmed they will be conducting a full investigation into the incident.

While many individuals have expressed their belief that this student is probably intelligent enough to have gotten into college but not intelligent enough to follow basic rules, a leading clinical psychologist expressed a belief that this student may instead be resistant to authority.

“What we have seen is a classic case of oppositional defiant disorder” she explained. “This student likely resists rules as a way to indicate his resistance towards being told what to do. It is tempting to ascribe political motives to this, to suggest he may be making a statement of sorts, but it is much more likely that he simply acts in this way to create chaos”.

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