Heaven to a Tortured Mind – Yves Tumor 

★ ★ ★ ★    

Yves Tumor’s Heaven to a Tortured Mind is a drastic departure from 2018’s Safe in the Hands of Love, transitioning to sexually-charged art rock with heavy psychedelic tinges that come together to form a listening experience that manages to be simultaneously smooth and jagged. Tumor’s uniquely swaggering vocals and blown-out guitar lines are a joy to hear. The album is something that may be slightly surprising after how blatantly experimental Tumor’s past releases were, but if anything, it’s a clear refining of their sound into something that is far more tight and defined.

The album’s singles are undoubtedly the strongest of the bunch, with the opener “Gospel for a New Century” being a gateway drug in terms the new sound Tumor has developed – it’s immediately gripping, and its transition into the equally excellent “Medicine Burn” is fantastic. The album’s penchant for almost-perfect transitions also comes into play with the combination of “Romanticist” and “Dream Palette” which meld seamlessly into eachother. “Super Stars” is a soul-infused wonder that drags the vibes of the 80s into Tumor’s hands, where they deftly manipulate them into something that is entirely their own. 


Matthew Derwin – Music Editor