What’s Fresh: Sleepyhead by Cavetown

★ ★ ★ ★ ★  

Cavetown’s new eleven-song album Sleepyhead captures the sensation of a good hug, in that it is comfortable, soft and lasts just as long as it should. It reflects Cavetown’s endeavor to make the cosy cool, and the uncool cosier. His lyrics read like a peek into someone’s memories – they are delicately romantic, as they flirt with the fabrication of identity and time. There is a sense of the undiscovered in his words, as he struggles to secure his place in love and life alike. 

Each song itself carries its own weight musically, with no filler songs on this album. Keeping it concise, Cavetown produces an album with purpose, though it must be said that its stand-out feature is the two-song continuation that is Sweet Tooth and For You. It is here that Cavetown exhibits that his ability extends further than his lyrics, as he offers this two-part homage to his unique blend of the tender and the passionate. 

Cavetown paints a return to the world of the child, not the imagined future or dreary present that so many other artists reside in. Sleepyhead is not a requiem to a lost past but is a celebration of childlike unease.


Savannah Murray – Music Writer