Transition Year intern James Kelly reviews Green Day’s latest offering,’Dos’.

Greenday are back with their 2nd album in a trilogy, “Dos”. The Bass guitarist “Mike Dirnt” says that he hasn’t been as excited as this since “Dookie”, which was their best selling album ever.

Critics are praising its dynamic style and catchy songs, but others look upon it as a “filler” album. There is no doubt that there are songs in this album that may be looked upon as dull but you cannot deny that Greenday still have great talent when you hear songs like “Wild One” and “Stray Heart”.

This album features thirteen tracks instead of twelve.The thirteenth track “Amy” is dedicated to the late “Amy Winehouse”. The song nightlife features guest vocals from artist “Lady Cobra” from the band “Mystic Knights of the Cobra.” Introducing guest vocals gives the impression that Greenday are lacking ideas for variety.

Another thing to note is the very well contrasting voices of Billy and Mike in songs like “Wild One” . Its almost as if the voices were made to go together. However, “Billy Joe Armstrong” remains to be the lead singer at all times.

If you are a fan of Greenday’s album, “21st century Breakdown” then you will be a fan of “Dos”. However, if you are looking for something similar to the style of Greenday’s first album “1039 smoothed out slappy hour”, I would not recommend this album.