You may not have heard of Lord Huron.  That’s okay.  The indie folk band originate from Los Angeles and recently finished supporting a little band that go by the name of, healing Of Monsters and Men, unhealthy but they have yet to gain the worldwide recognition they deserve.  Their debut studio album Lonesome Dreams was released in October of last year in the United States and had it’s UK and Irish release this week.

Lord Huron are a quartet, tadalafil front manned by the band’s founder Ben Schneider.  The band get their name from Lake Huron, where Schneider developed the Lord Huron sound whilst travelling between Los Angeles and Northern Michigan.

Lonesome Dreams has received mainly positive reviews, Rolling Stone highlighting their “robust vocal harmonies.”  Lord Huron take your hand and lead you gently into their simplistic, nostalgic, romantic environment. In “Time to Run,”  Schneider entices you to “Run away with me it’ll all make sense.”  Lonesome Dreams layered melodies are it’s strongest assets, complimented by it’s bittersweet lyrics.  The entire album flows effortlessly, almost too effortlessly – do not listen to it whilst driving as it has been known induce sleep.  Soothing is an understatement.  “Ends of the Earth,” the first track of the album introduces us to our melancholic Lonesome Dreams, plying us with poetic groupings and tangy guitar.  Without a doubt the highlight of the album is “Brother.”  It epitomizes the Lord Huron sound.  Soaring vocals, simple rhythms, throbbing nostalgic drums – underrated but effective.   Straightforward but beautiful.

Lord Huron may not be massive yet, but they will be.  If further proof is needed, watch their NPR “Tiny Desk” concert.

-Kathryn Toolan