On April 30th, The Minister of Higher Education Simon Harris stated Third level education will see a “significant increase in on-site activity in September.” Harris said the full plans on returning to campus will be released in June.

In a statement on the Irish Government website, Harris acknowledged the “tough year” that third level students and staff went through. Harris also reaffirmed his commitment to getting “learners and staff back on-site” for the new semester.

“Over 250,000 people attend further and higher education every year. This year, the bulk of their work has been online. We know we had to do it and we know why but we also know we cannot have an academic year like the last.

We need to begin the next academic year on the right foot, get our learners and staff back onsite and start the work of preventing long term effects of the pandemic for our youngest adults.”

The statement further read that Harris met with the working group of college students, staff, and The Department of Education, “to develop a plan for re-opening, which will be published by The Government in June.”

Harris signed off on a positive note, telling students “a better year awaits you.”

Luke Murphy, Co-Editor