“She can no longer speak properly as a consequence from the brain injuries she received”

A man has been found guilty with the attempted murder of Natasha McShane in Chicago in 2010. McShane who was at the time a second year MRUP student in UCD was left fighting for her after the attack.

Heriberto Viramontes aged 34, sovaldi was convicted at Cook County Criminal Court yesterday.

McShane, a Silverbridge native, who was visiting Chicago as part of an exchange programme with the College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs at the University of Illinois, has been left in such a condition that she can no longer speak properly as a consequence from the brain injuries she received when Viramontes pummelled her with a baseball bat as part of a street assault.

Dr Marius Katilius, the on duty trauma surgeon when McShane and her friend Stacy Jurich were first admitted, had previously told the Court that the medical team treating her “pulled out a stone from the back of the throat.”

During the case Dr Katilius also noted that McShane had also lost a great deal of blood, which was discovered inside and outside her skull, as well as on her face, on her scalp and in her hair. In addition to these injuries, those working on her found three separate lacerations. The damage done to the Armagh local’s body was found to be so serious that a brain surgeon was notified as soon as she was admitted to hospital.

Sheila McShane, Natasha McShane’s mother, also testified to the court, revealing to the court how her daughter’s disabilities are so severe that she is unable to walk without support and scarcely able to communicate. In addition to this, she suffers from multiple infections and seizures. Her family also explained that they have not told her about the on-going court case and that they are unsure whether she truly understands much of her surroundings.

Additional reporting – Ronan Coveney