After his recent explosion in popularity, The Turbine spoke to the newfound chinese superstar, CoronaVirus. 

In recent weeks, Mr. Corona has been spreading like an epidemic and gained recognition from the World Health Organisation. “It’s been deadly bro,” Corona began, “People all across the world are beginning to pay attention to me, finally! I always knew that I could live up to my idols such as Bubonic Plague and the Spanish Flu. For a lot of my life I worried that I would never make it. While success isn’t guaranteed, I knew that fate would guide me towards the popularity of my role models.” Speaking about the infamy of his contemporaries Corona said, “some have even called their personalities infectious, that’s what I want for my future.”

Much like his idol, Bubonic Plague, Mr. Corona started his rise to infamy in Asia before spreading across the world. In the last few days, however, a number of governments have declared national emergencies to combat his spread, a move which he finds “rather disturbing”. The persecution by the media against international celebrities, such as Mr. Corona, has become more frequent in recent years prompting a backlash from the virus’ fans on social media. Corona has also stated that he receives no royalties from any alcohol manufacturers.


Dugh Hooley – Turbine Reporter