Students’ Unions are vital for the wellbeing and rights of students, and play an important and too-often underappreciated role.

In recognising this, we have collected four cool facts about the NUIG Students’ Union, as our lawyers made us remove the fifth fact.


The NUIG Students’ Union was first established in 1911, but went through multiple iterations before becoming firmly established in 1964.


Current President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins once served as President of the NUIG Students’ Union. During his time in this position, he led a protest of 600 students in an effort to encourage stronger relations between the university administration and the local community.


Following a motion put forward by the Students for Sensible Drug Policy society in 2015, the NUIG Students’ Union is mandated to support the legalisation and regulation of the cultivation, sale and possession of cannabis for students aged 18 and over.


In 1987, the NUIG Students’ Union began to sell tea and coffee at a competitive price to a local coffee shop following a price increase in the latter.



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