Free Education for Everyone (FEE) have occupied the constituency office of Fine Gael TD Brian Walsh.

A statement released on the FEE website titled “this is only the beginning” and said that the aim of the occupation was “to bring awareness to the fact that students will not accept any hike in the Registration Fee, sovaldi sale any cut to the maintenance grant or any austerity measures aimed to make the most vulnerable in society pay for the mistakes of the bankers, health developers and politicians that have sold away this country’s economic sovereignty.”

The Occupation comes only a day after USI occupied the Department of Jobs and the Department of Social Protection. The statement from FEE continued “marches are not enough.” “The different movements resisting austerity need to unite and engage in tactics that are not ignored,” it continued, “our democratic process has failed us, our demand for change has been ignored, and the economic good continues to be prioritised over the peoples good.”

FEE Statment can be viewed here

FEE Galway includes students from National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG), Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT) and Galway Technical Institute (GTI). Amongst the occupiers are two of the four members of Galway’s Student union who are members of FEE, with Equality Officer William O’Brien and Irish Language Officer Senan McGee, taking part in the occupation.
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