UCD student Molly Casey joined an esteemed group of human rights campaigners and politicians on Thursday after being awarded the Nobel peace prize. The 22 year old received the award for the courageous way she put an ‘I stand with Palestine’ frame on her Facebook profile picture. The English Literature student was labelled innovative and original at the award ceremony. 

The UCD student has been nominated for a second prize after she inspired a peace treaty between Ukraine and Russia after tweeting “that war in Ukraine is like… really bad. #peace?”

A representative of the Israeli Government described how he felt the moment he saw the Facebook frame; “Something in me… it changed the moment I saw this girl’s courageous act,” he managed to squeeze out between the tears, “it took me a few minutes to come to terms with her willingness to self sacrifice. Next thing I knew I was on the phone to the Palestinian authorities and brokering a deal.”

Political analysts have come to agreement on the issue, “This was her profile picture with less than 100 likes since 2015! In the face of that, the Gaza strip conflict… no, squabble, just can’t compare”

Casey’s contribution was honoured in a packed Sydney Opera House where attendants paid up to $2,000 to see her join the likes of Barack Obama, Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa in receiving the award.



Dugh Hooley – Turbine Writer