The College Tribune is excited to announce that two new Editors have been chosen to manage the 37th Volume of Ireland’s largest independent student newspaper.

Emma Hanrahan (pictured left) and Hugh Dooley (pictured right) were selected by an adjudication panel of former editors of The College Tribune, and have taken over the running of the newspaper.

Hugh Dooley and Emma Hanrahan announced as Co-Editors

Emma Hanrahan:

Emma Hanrahan spent the last year as Co-Lead of Investigations at the College Tribune while also freelancing for The Irish Times. She has just completed a degree in Politics & International Relations and Information Communications Studies at UCD and will graduate in September. 

Emma started writing for the Tribune as part of the News Team in her first year at UCD. Emma has experience throughout the sections of the paper, having recently been awarded ‘Travel Journalist of the Year’ at the Student Media Awards.

In reaction to her appointment, she said, “I am delighted to be appointed as Co-Editor” for the 37th volume of the newspaper. “The Tribune has been a huge part of my college experience, particularly during the pandemic, so I am excited to put my own stamp on it this year.”

In anticipation of her time as Co-Editor, Emma said; “I am looking forward to working alongside Hugh Dooley this year and hope that together we can increase engagement with the paper, recruit a team of talented student journalists and leave the paper even better than we found it!”

Hugh Dooley:

Hugh Dooley spent the final year of his Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) degree as the Tribune’s Co-Lead of Investigations while writing freelance for the Irish Times. He began in the Tribune as a reporter and satire writer for which he won two Smedia Awards. He spent two years as News Editor and was nominated for Journalist of the Year this year for investigative journalism.

Hugh said, “being given the opportunity to help run the paper is a dream come true!” He said that since he started writing for the paper in first year, he “spent most of [his] time in college lurking in the Tribune’s office in the Newman basement and hoping the SU would host a protest for the Trib to report on! Now I get to do that for a year without feeling bad for skipping lectures!!”

The outgoing co-lead of investigations said that he had “worked closely with Emma as part of the News and Investigations teams” and was “confident” that they would work well together throughout the year.

Hugh said, “We share a similar vision for the Tribune, as a local and student-oriented newspaper! The Tribune is at its best with a strong presence on campus and reporters annoying SU sabbats and society auditors with unending questions, that’s the goal for the year!”

The Current Editorial Team:

Outgoing Editor-in-chief Danielle DerGarabedian said she was “grateful to be even a small part of maintaining [the Tribune’s] legacy and ensuring student voices are heard and uplifted. It has been an incredible experience serving such a hard-working and talented team of journalists who showed immense dedication to the craft.”

She credited the success of the newspaper this year to the “amazing team who worked tirelessly to deliver first-class articles. Serving as their Editor was such an honour.”

Speaking about the incoming editor, Danielle said she “could not think of two more capable or deserving individuals to take on the mantle of Co-Editors”. She continued: “Hugh and Emma’s dedication to not only journalism but the College Tribune is quite admirable.”

Outgoing Deputy Editor Rhoen Eate said it was “an absolute honour to act as the Tribune’s Deputy Editor” and that it was a “fantastic experience to work with such a dedicated team”. Looking forward she said; “The College Tribune has truly given me the most amazing memories, and with Hugh and Emma taking the run of the ship, I’m excited to see what new horizons the paper will reach.”