11. Nathan Old 

Or young… whatever is more fitting for his age. This guy is known for printing his paper on the tallest sheets so you can use them as a duvet when your friends forget to give you blankets when you crash at theirs. 

10. Colm Whelan

His free-scoring season to lead UCD AFC to promotion has brought his goal tally in UCD colours to a whopping 41. Lionel Messi, on the other hand, has only scored 4 goals for PSG…just saying!

9. Andrew Deeks 

UCD President and famous in UCD’s legacy of villains… Need we say more about our profit-hungry businessman of a President?

8. Libro Cop

Listen, Libro Cop has unified us as a community by striking the universal fear of God in us through the booming orders to stop eating in the library.

7. Swan gang

It’s the swans’ campus, we’re just allowed to walk around in it. The emperors of Belfield get an esteemed number seven in our rankings!

6. Beibhinn Parsons

Only 19 years old and already making waves for women in Rugby. Our personal favourite!

5. Everyone on ArtSoc 

These sound guys are our neighbours and we love them (slightly more after they threw a Taylor Swift themed party last week) 

4. Bluebird Baristas

Again, they are a part of UCD’s legacy of villains. Notorious for making you repeat your order until you yourself are embarrassed by it. 

3. Dolores Cahill 

A personal College Tribune favourite. Thanks for making our front page scandalous, babe x 

2. Ruairi Power

Our News Editor’s crush and a true gent who never fails to call UCD out on its bullsh*t. For that, he is number two among our favourite campus celebs.

1. UCD Confessions 

This person revived the original confessions page and is even more successful than the first? A gender-neutral girlboss if we ever knew saw one. UCD Confessions is the only one doing UCD scandal and gossip better than the Trib. For that, they are our number one!