Eggs were thrown at Taoiseach Enda Kenny as he began his speech at the official opening of the new Students’ Centre this morning.

None of the eggs hit Mr Kenny however UCD have confirmed that an egg hit the Vice President for Students, Martin Butler, who was close to Mr Kenny at the time of the incident.

Four people were removed from the building by members of the Gardaí of which three are current UCD students. None of the four were arrested, however, they were all cautioned under Section 8 of the Public Order Act.

A spokesperson for UCD stated that three UCD students will be dealt with by the UCD Student Code. All UCD students are subject to the code and disciplinary actions can include expulsion along with no action being taken at all.

One of the protesters who was removed from the event, Suzanne Lee, stated to the College Tribune, “I stand by what I did and I don’t regret it…” Miss Lee continued to say that she would not be paying any fine if one was imposed by UCD.

The event, at which UCD President Hugh Brady, UCDSU President Rachel Breslin and UCD Vice President for Students Martin Butler spoke, took place in the foyer of the new Students’ Centre. Before the speeches Mr Kenny was given a tour of the centre and met with UCD student society representatives.

 By Ronan Coveney

18:00 update: 

UCD Young Fine Gael issued the following statement on the incident: “We completely condemn the actions of those students involved in the childish and pathetic attempt at protest today. Regardless of your view on the issue of 3rd level funding throwing an egg at any person is deplorable behaviour.  We hope and expect that those involved will be held accountable by the relevant authorities. Today was a day to celebrate the momentous achievements of UCD societies and to promote our new world class facilities but due to the actions of the few the name and reputation of all UCD students has been tarnished across national media.”


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  1. The cause you are fighting is worthy, but your actions were idiotic. Throwing eggs at a person is ridiculous and made a joke of every UCD student today.

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