The annual ‘Craic in the Park’ Drug Festival, which takes place in St. Stephen’s Green from July 11th till whenever all of the supplies run out, has announced it will now have musical acts playing in the background. The group co-ordinating this years event, Dano and Yer Wan, spoke to the Turbine about their new plans for the festival. ‘We just wanted to offer people something to do while someone else was using the drug. We want to offer the best quality experience you can possibly have while you’re freezing cold, standing in a damp field, next to a stranger who looks like he’s being exorcised and also has about 6 knives in his jacket pocket.’

Yer Wan added that they had ‘…noticed a lot of the attendees were dancing already, to no music at all, so we though there might be a market there. We checked around and the only festivals nowadays are music festivals, so we decided to capitalise on this.’ The group have coordinated many popular events in Dublin, including last years ‘Group of English lads sing that Yaya-Kolo Toure song at 3am outside a pub in Temple Bar’ Event,  which went surprisingly well. Festival goers have been promised quality acts from all over the world and the line-up is already shaping up to prove this. Acts include Seth Rogen, who will laugh for 2 hours straight while a 12 year old Filipino kid beatboxes beside him; Snoop Dogg, who will play the invisible piano: and a Princeton University professor, who will sing about Immanuel Kant’s theory of the categorical imperative using an auto tuned microphone. Count me in!

Seán Farbuckt – Turbine Writer