UCD students are now able to avail of NiteLine services again. The service which UCD students had not been able to access for several years has agreed a service level agreement with UCD Student Services. Students can avail of the service immediately and NiteLine is expected to start recruiting UCD volunteers from the start of Semester 2.

The service is a listening, support and information service run by and for the students of UCD, ITT, ITB, MU, NCAD, NCI, RCSI & TCD and their affiliate colleges. Volunteers go through a rigorous screening and training programme based on the Samaritans model and run with the help of the college counselling services

Dominic O’Keeffe, Director of Student Services said: “I’m really delighted that this excellent service will return to the campus and add to our growing suite of Student Support Services. Niteline allows us to provide an out of hours support that complements our existing supports such as our Counselling, Psychiatry, Doctor, Chaplain and Student Advisers.”

O’Keeffe also acknowledged the work of UCDSU on this project saying “UCD Student Services would like to thank the Niteline volunteers and the SU for their work on this project so far, we look forward to UCD once again taking a leading roll in the provision of Niteline’s Services”.

Speaking to the Tribune UCD Welfare Officer Eoghan Mac Domhnaill said: “NiteLine is an absolutely fantastic service for students. They’re available every night of the academic term between the hours of 9pm and 2.30am. Even if you call NiteLine out of hours, they’ll re-direct your call to the Samaritans so even by calling NiteLine you’ll always be able to talk to another student who will understand your problems better than anyone else or you’ll be able to talk to a professional within the Samaritans. NiteLine has also introduced an instant messaging service so instead of calling NiteLine so you can message them at www.niteline.ie.”

According to Mac Domhaill this agreement is for half an academic term and then the contract will have to be renewed for a full academic year. That responsibility will be with next year’s SU and UCD Student Services.

Niteline coordinator Aisling Curtis said “We at NiteLine are absolutely delighted to welcome UCD on board this January. We know that college can be an incredibly challenging time for many, and so are very pleased to offer our late-night phone and instant messaging services to students in UCD, and to welcome UCD volunteers to NiteLine in the future. The passion and commitment of those in student services towards supporting UCD students has been very clear in all of our work with them to date.”

You can visit NiteLine at www.niteline.ie or call them on  1800 793 793.

Rachel O’Neill – Editor