First time author Blain Broomfield explores the excesses of college youth during the Celtic Tiger years.


‘Morsus’ is a contemporary, levitra gritty and sharp novel by Irish novelist and UCD graduate Blain Broomfield. The book follows the lives of a collection of students of Conolly College as they document their everyday excursions involving sex, treatment drugs and the occasional discussion of literature. People who came of age during Ireland’s economic boom may see some element of themselves reflected in each unique character’s tale, both the desirable and more undesirable qualities.

Despite the resounding wit and uniquely Irish colloquialisms present throughout the novel, there is an undertone of melancholy and a sense of longing behind some of the character’s stories. A sadness beyond what we learn from their narratives. A few of the characters’ fixations with self-image and money accurately represent the mind-set of the era. More sordid themes are touched upon within ‘Morsus’ such as misogynistic elements prevalent within some societal circles and age groups.  Certain characters’ thoughts and interactions display cruel ridicule.  However no more callous than we still see currently in everyday life or is kept hidden in the realm of thought and things unsaid.

The fast paced, narcotics laced style of writing is reminiscent of the works of Bret Easton Ellis and the poetry of Charles Bukowski.  However, given the fact that this is a characteristically Irish novel, Broomfield’s own definitive literary voice and style shines through. By writing it in the form of a constant stream of consciousness, Broomfield really opens up his characters to be assessed as they are. The characters’ states of being are not romanticised.

In terms of audience, ‘Morsus’ is not the type of light-hearted, coffee table novel to leave out for your grandmother to peruse on a Sunday afternoon. It certainly offers a truthful and diverse look into the type of lives lived during Ireland’s recent hedonistic years. The novel is an echo of a decadent time. Will it provoke cynicism or reflection? Read it and see.


Morsus’ is available through the Original Writing self-publishing company and is also available now on Amazon to purchase.


– Geneva Pattison