sovaldi serif;”>Fashion Editor unhealthy serif;”>Cathal O’ Garaand serif;”> takes a look at the essential male sartorial for 2012.

Here at The Siren Fashion we talk a lot about style essentials – from the quintessential basics no modern man should be without, to those distinct items that will improve your wardrobe tenfold. Men’s blazers lies neatly between these two being a garment which no wardrobe should be lacking while also sprucing up any outfit to create that effortless elegant look. Layered, versatile and individual – the blazer is the perfect item for the Irish man’s wardrobe move into spring as it featured heavily in winter and upcoming trends. We seem to always associate the blazer with a more refined and preppy look, however this season’s collections showcased a more unstructured design. It’s finally become man’s turn to let his hair down; it’s time to dishevel.

What’s the difference between that blazer you picked up last year from Penneys’ bargain bin and the unstructured design in stores now, you ask? The Structured Blazer possesses a strict design most commonly associated with that of a suit. They are more defined in the way in which they incorporate padding and other materials in order to create shape when worn. Pockets are covered with flaps and the waist is generally tapered irrespective of whether the jacket is slim-fit or not in order to give even more shape. It maintains a clean, sharp and formal aesthetic.

The unstructured blazer sources lighter materials such as cotton, woollen mixes and linens. More casual in appearance, shoulder pads and the more strict designs become an option allowing for an overall more relaxed style. The unstructured blazer follows the frame of the body rather than creating its own through framed shouldered and tapered waists. Exposed seams and patched pockets also aid in portraying a more stress-free look.

Though the unstructured blazer is mainly viewed as a casual garment, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be incorporated into more formal and structured attires. This season’s unstructured blazer allows for a smart look to be created with a quirky twist. With the heritage trend becoming a staple style, the unstructured blazer is a great way of mixing up your heritage textiles and lamb’s wool accoutrement in order to carry your winter wardrobe into the New Year. Furthermore the unstructured nature of this season’s blazer allows for more room in the layering department making sure you won’t freeze to death with our unpredictable weather.

Pick up a chambray shirt, a Keeling gallery hand-painted bow tie (Van Gogh a go-go) and a pair of wool trousers or chinos and you’re ready for your night to see The Family or any other self-conceited play. Complement this with a simple pair of boots and a canvas bag to be the object of envy as your fellow Dubliners try and figure out how exactly you became so marvellous at layering.

For the current colder season, the unstructured blazer is perfect. The softer lines and more flexible construction mean that it is superb for layering – not only does it work well with items associated with our current trends, its shape means you have more room, allowing you more space for experimentation. The unstructured blazer enables you to escape that boxy shape which is unavoidable in structured designs and can be worn in both formal and informal styles. It’s a bold choice and an eye-catching turn away from the pervading want for clean-cut Topman garments. Go for it.