cialis serif;”>Tara D. Derringtonsick serif;”> discusses the influence of fashion blogs on the fashion industry.


pharm serif;”>The rise of the internet has given birth to a new class of fashionista. They’re sharp and witty – and so influential that these days they get front row preference at events such as the Brits, rubbing shoulders with celebrities and fashion designers alike. Blogs are reshaping public relations, news, and yes fashion too.


It’s taken a while but the fashion industry has finally woken up to the power of the internet. Online shops such as Asos and Net-a-porter are booming, with brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Yves Saint Laurent employing short internet-friendly films as a platform to showcase their designs, and fashion designers are tweeting like never before.


In the heart of this bold new landscape are the bloggers – providing commentary at the click of a mouse. Whether they’re posting runway images direct from Paris Fashion Week, drooling over the latest in Prada’s collection, or writing about Michael Fassbender’s dress sense (or lack thereof), they have become a vital part of the industry and an outlet to give voice to a new generation of style aficionados.


One of these blogs, Style Salvage, is an “open discussion” fashion blog lead by two friends, Steve and EJ, on how men could (and they believe should) dress. Initiated back in June 2007, the blog aspires to showcase up-and-coming and established design talent equally whilst emanating a penchant for quality, tailoring and a general openness to creativity and self-expression. It features style commentary, interviews with designers, journalists and shop owners mixed in with the occasional DIY project and personal style shoot.


Of course in such an opinionated sphere a variety of different fashion blogs was bound to arise. The Sartorialist and Jak and Jill profile random street goers with great looks – these are considered to be street fashion blogs, such as Dublin’s own Pavement Fashion. Street style blogs are not just helping change the fashion industry, but body perception too. Over the years, fashion editors’ casting of underweight models has written an unhealthy definition of beauty. The most significant impact of street style blogs is restoring a healthy conception of body image. Photographers are taking pictures of real women and men wearing fashion savvy clothes, and the public is taking note.


A blog might focus on celebrity fashion such as The Iconic Fashion Blog and CocoPerez, or could be exclusive to certain trends from mod fashion to rockabilly. Regardless of its categorization, each blog is helping to make over the fashion industry one post at a time. Fashion blogs are granting unlimited access to any aspiring or practicing fashionista, no matter where they are in the world. A student in the U.C.D can keep up just as quickly with the current trends as an aspiring designer studying in New York or Los Angeles. Thanks to the constantly updated blogs there is no longer the waiting in fashion which used to plague the stylish population, allowing for easier access to the ever-changing crazes of the fashion world.