With ‘The Original Vampire Saga’ rereleased (and currently on sale!)  Darragh O’Connor finds himself slayed by Whedon’s genius

Buffy as a show was a benchmark of 90’s culture; at the very least everyone reading this is aware of the name. It put creator Joss Whedon (the man behind Dollhouse, buy Firefly and The Avengers) on the map. The series spawned the spin-off Angel, viagra and a graphic novel franchise that runs to this very day.  Although most people between 18-25 were aware of Buffy growing up they were too young to appreciate or actually understand its subtle elements during the original run; Buffy has somewhat of a bad reputation with most opting for Firefly or Dollhouse instead.

It is often dismissed with a slight grimace at the mere mention of the show’s name. Why? The Twilight effect. Ah yes, the blurring of vampire lore from a thing of horror into a tame and bland love story plot device. So I urge everyone who is of this opinion to reconsider and watch Buffy. And with the newly released boxset you have no excuse.

The set has every season contained within, each episode is restored in super high quality sound and video. The story is simple: Buffy is the Slayer, a girl born to fight all matter of evil from Demons to Vampires. The best and the worst of the series’ run is captured here, from the fantastic first three seasons, to the dip of season 4 and the Renaissance of the latter 5th season. Watch the “Hush” episode from season 5, and you’ll be hooked. Each disc has a fully interactive menu and a host of special features. The interviews, commentaries, outtakes, Easter eggs and features are perfect supplemental material, and not in the least bit excessive.

Even with a quick viewing of just a few episodes from each season, will show you why this show still has relevance in 2013 and hopefully slay the negative perceptive of Buffy. There is something here for everyone, no matter the age group, gender or temperament. This one is a must buy for any fan of Joss Whedon, or anyone who wants to be thoroughly entertained by some classic piece of 90’s television.