Rebekah Rennick, viagra auditor of  UCD’s Trampolining Society tells Elaine McDonald what exactly the “Tramps” are doing:

 What has the society been doing this year? Anything new or is first semester just initiating the newbies?

The society has had a very good first semester, but second semester is truly where the fun begins. In December we put all our hard work to use by winning the IV Shield. This coming semester we’re hoping to continue our winning streak so it’s a jam-packed semester of bouncing!

 The Irish Student Trampoline Open is in Cork this April! Is it all about bringing home the gold?

Last year UCD took 2nd place in the entire competition which was an incredible feat! This year, with an army of both old and new members, we’re hoping to keep up our great reputation and take home the gold this time.

You guys are famous for your major trip to Scotland towards the end of this semester! What goes down or is that top secret Tramps information?

I was only an innocent fresher this time last year, and I was inundated with both outrageous and hilarious anecdotes from my fellow trampoliners about this elusive trip. I felt like I was being invited into this other world; wide eyed and desperately wanting to see for myself. From showing those English/Scottish clubs exactly how we do it in Ireland on the trampoline (and on the dancefloor) to bagging some medals; it’s a great trip.

As someone with no flexibility, lots of jumping and spinning makes me cringe? Is being in Tramps the equivalent of being an elastic band? 

It definitely takes some getting used to! You never know, there could be a little bouncer inside of you waiting to get up on that bed, so I wouldn’t hesitate to join and see for yourself!

For someone who is planning on joining Trampoling Club this semester what could they expect from one of your nights out? 

You have never had a proper night out until you’ve hit the tiles with UCD Trampoline Club. There hasn’t been a Trampolining night without someone doing flips or splits of some sort on the dancefloor. If you’re itching to see for yourself, we’ll be having our Refresher’s Night Out on the 4th of February.