Where We Live is presented by THISISPOPBABY with St Patrick’s Festival. Production house THISISPOPBABY  are taking the idea of what it means to be Irish as the basis of the ten day curated program ‘Where We Live’  as part of the festivities, from 6th- 18th March .’Where We Live’ is described as a ‘Kaleidoscope of stories’ and  will take on a mix of performance, storytelling and partying, to combine tales of what irish live is now in an effort to connect with the everyday citizens of Ireland.

As well as a two week program of performances through many mediums such as live art, theatre and dance , there will be a dimension of politics to the program, which includes storytelling by artists of the dispossessed, members of the homeless community, refugees and the travelling community in Ireland, and will aim to strike up the conversation of basic parts of our lives and the extremes to  which they differ for different members of the community.

This is an opportunity to disregard the so called ‘social norms’ and set aside the prejudice often fuelled by media sources, in an attempt to have two weeks of true discussion among people from different backgrounds. THISISPOPBABY are a group who excel in breaking the norms of performance, and last year had great success with their show ‘RIOT’, and have proved that their progressiveness as a performance group can and should be reflected in everyday parts of Irish life.

Co directors Jenny Jennings and Philip McMahon said ‘Where We Live’ aims to challenge the prevailing narratives fed to us by the media, the government and increasingly, the algorithms and echo chambers of social media.’

The program includes ,

The Mouth of a Shark

11th March 6:30 pm, 12-15th March 8:30 pm tickets €16.

Directed by Oonagh Murphy and composed by Maeve stone , this piece contrasts real life stories of asylum seekers her and Irish immigrants abroad.


12-15 March 6:30pm , tickets €15.

Written and performed by Peter Daly, directed by Phillip McMahon

Peter Daly performs this piece on the tenth anniversary of ‘the cheapest bailout in the world’. As well as being an acclaimed performer, he is a chartered accountant and will discuss what happened.

Not a Funny Word

6th-8th March 8:30 10th March 9:30pm. Tickets €15

Written and performed by Tara Flynn / Directed by Phillip McMahon / Composed by Alma Kelliher.Tara Flynn, activist, actor and comedian will share her account of travelling to england for an abortion in a brave and funny performance. This will be particularly interesting during the current debate on the 8th Amendment.


7th-18th March. Free entry.

Created by Eamonn Doyle, Niall Sweeney, David Donohoe

Built around Doyle’s photography, with drawings and sound by Sweeney and Donohoe, Made In Dublin is an immersive installation, in sound and vision, constructed as an unravelling coil of events played out by the movement of people caught up in time and place. And that place is Dublin.

Town Hall Sessions

Curated by Willie White

A furious and incendiary talks programme that amplifies and contextualises the works in Where We Live, curated by Willie White from Dublin Theatre Festival. Programme to be announced in early 2018.
Tickets are available at thisispopbaby.com

If you would like to get involved in the production, THISISPOPBABY are issuing a callout for those who would like to perform during WERKHOUSE, described as ‘a mixtape of moments snatched from the city’ on saturday 17th March. They are appealing to those of any background, particularly of a minority group , The proposed performance may be in any style and must respond to the theme, ‘Home and how it feels to live in Dublin and Ireland today.’ The performance should be between 3-8 minutes long and be technically low-fi. If interested, send a proposal of maximum one page to  tomorrow@thisispopbaby.com by Friday 2nd February.

The proposal should include,  

  • Your proposed performance piece
  • How it responds to the theme
  • Technical requirements
  • Brief blogs including links if relevant

Successful applicants must be available for a technical rehearsal during the day of March 17th.

Holly Lloyd – Arts & Events Editor