Donie O’Sullivan talks to the sole Ents candidate Eoin Heffernan about his plans to entertain UCD students next year.

Twenty one year old Agricultural Science student Eoin Heffernan is running unopposed for the position of Ents Officer.

Heffernan hasn’t been on the Ents crew in two years but says he has “worked closely with the last three Ents officers.” For many it is no surprise Hefferenan, online or “Heffo” as he is more commonly known, physician is running for the position of Ents Officer as speculation he would do so began over twelve months ago while he was auditor of the C&E society. However he says he hopes to tackle the perception that it is always the same group of people involved in Ents by creating a bigger Ents Crew, something he believes wasn’t as successful this year, “I don’t think its been as big as previous years and wasn’t on the ground as much on campus.”

Despite this he said “overall this year’s Ents officer did a good job, I think he did well brining in some top acts like LMFAO.”

It may come as a surprise to some that Heffernan is supporting the ratification of the proposed new SU constitution, particularly as his campaign manager, second year student Jamie Rath, publicly opposed it in the last edition of the College Tribune. Heffernan said he believes the new constitution will improve the SU overall but disagrees with the removal of the elected Ents position, and seems hopeful that the position could be reinstated in the future.

He has promised not to personally profit off the back of Ents and hopes to focus more on on campus activities. In his manifesto he promises more non-alcohol related events, an overnight mystery tour in semester one, UCD Sevens’ GAA and rugby tournaments and says he will generate sponsorship for Ents in excess of €30,000.

Heffernan describes UCD Ents current exclusive agreement with the Signature Group nightclub promotion company as a “terrible deal” and claims he will enter into no such agreement if elected.

Although Heffernan doesn’t seem to be offering a radical change from previous Ents officers he does have some fresh ideas and seems genuine about wanting to get more people involved in Ents. His experience as Auditor of C&E should stand to him if elected and by supporting the proposed SU constitution, despite having concerns over how it will effect UCD Ents, he has shown he is willing to consider the bigger picture when it comes to the future of UCDSU.


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