The current Education Officer tells Conor McKenna why he is seeking reelection.

Current UCDSU Education Officer Sam Geoghegan is one of two sabbatical officers seeking re-election. The Killiney native strongly asserts that his experience is the difference in the education race and is one of the reasons students should vote for him. “I know what the job entails, buy viagra I have the experience and I’ve built up relationships with university staff on all levels. Other candidates will have a couple of months of learning the ropes.”

Geoghegan expresses his concern that the current system of fees isn’t working: “One of the main things I’ve had to deal with is people not being able to pay and come to college. The amount of times I’ve had to call the different programme offices and say ‘look this student can’t afford to come to college and he/she needs to take a year off so they can get a part-time job to pay’.” He states categorically that he “wouldn’t be in favour of upping fees”.

With a referendum on fees proposed for UCD, health Geoghegan accepts that he will support “whatever the students choose in the referendum, viagra if it goes ahead that is.” Geoghegan confirms that he will be on the working group looking at the referendum and that it should meet and the end of March or early April.

As regards the new USI constitution, Geoghegan believes that the “trimming down of the officer board was essential, not only to cut cost, but also to make it fit for purpose. The Eastern Area Officer especially, I don’t think the role has been needed as much as the Western or Southern Officers.”

On UCD’s affiliation with USI, Geoghegan admits that before he became a sabbatical officer he was sceptical, but has since come to see the need for it. “I really do think there needs to be a national representation. USI, not only does it run all these campaigns, it has a seat at the HEA and we’re well respected. If Trinity and UCD leave it won’t be respected at all.”

Geoghegan firmly believes that the new SU constitution has a lot of positives. He mentions that “the financial controls put on the union are probably a good thing”.

As regards the issue of book-dumping by the SU run Student Bookshop, Geoghegan believes that better communication would have helped, though he maintains that the majority of the books had been on the system for years and were out of date.

Geoghegan is looking into bringing iTunes U to UCD and increasing the usability of the UCD Mobile App. “Stanford University in the States is widely regarded as the leader when it comes to this kind of technology and they have their own app. I want the mobile app to check your grades, pay off fines, check the catalogue of the library, etc. The Stanford app does that, but it also organically links in with iTunes U. It would cost to put video equipment and recording equipment in every lecture theatre, but I think the investment will be worthwhile. I think it’s something that is needed because I don’t think Blackboard is as good a service as iTunes U could provide.”

Should Geoghegan be elected for a second term? That’s down to the voters to decide.

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