None of us know him, but we all love him. Whether he’s saving our sanity with shared secrets from the student body or helping us out with library recommendations, the elusive Founder of UCD Confessions has been keeping our lives that bit brighter during this ‘Panoramic’. But the content doesn’t stop there. Drawing inspiration from the waves of thirsty confessions crashing into his inbox on the regular, the founder of the page has seized the opportunity to take his content to new heights with the highly anticipated “UCD Bachelor” series. 

The strapping, young Med Student holds his expectations high as he searches for someone “fun and spontaneous” while promising to play sub-par guitar to whomever he picks to be his Bachelorette. But there’s more to this suitor than just a pretty face; besides spending his free time stargazing atop the entrance to the James Joyce Library, Donal enjoys a good book, listening to music, and skinny dipping for charity.

The first episode of five mini-instalments aired this Friday with tensions already running high. The scrupulous Donal was unyielding during the first challenge of the show, wherein the girls were tasked with drawing their future with the young heartthrob. Although there were no Picassos, the girls let their true colours shine through their efforts and creativity while trying to gain the affections of The Bachelor. Scandal was not absent in this feat; however, with cringe-worthy flirtations and detrimental name mispronunciations, it seems Donal didn’t have a hard time in picking the first three girls to be knocked out of the fight for his heart. 

UCD Confessions is clearly an expert in keeping his audience keen, as we won’t find out who these three girls are until the next nail-biting episode. 

When are we to expect this new episode? That is another secret the Founder of the page likes to keep, with a mere “follow for part 2” being the only company for this cliffhanger.

Even though UCD Confessions is a brand shrouded by mystery, what can be confirmed – by the Founder himself in fact – is that we can expect many more seasons of The UCD Bachelor in the future, and maybe even a Bachelorette season. 

In the meantime, we’ll have to satisfy ourselves with the ever-juicy confessions and stories of hilarious campus shenanigans posted on the daily, reminding us that college is actually a real place and not just a computer screen. 

Rhoen Eate, Campus Correspondent