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‘You only get to do it once’ is the bridge to the best song on Liam Gallagher’s second solo album, and it’s the perfect representation of Gallagher himself. With Why Me? Why Not Gallagher tries to reach for the star power he once had with Oasis. Despite his best attempts he doesn’t quite succeed. The album opens with ‘Shockwave’ which plays off more as an Oasis tribute act than anything else. In truth all the harder rockers on this album seem to be dedications to Gallagher’s influences: The Who, The Stones, and The Beatles. 

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Gallagher has professed his adoration for The Beatles on numerous occasions and that influence is evident most strongly on the songs ‘Alright Now’ and ‘Once’ which find Gallagher at his most Lennonesque. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though the influence seems to supersede his originality. 

This album sees the youngest Gallagher dabbling in more than straightforward rock ‘n’ roll, with tracks delving into the realms of glam, psychedelia and more. However, the true power of this album lies in its softer, reflective acoustic ballads where Gallagher’s vulnerability shines. What this album lacks in originality and complexity, it makes up for in hypnotic grooves and unchallenging enjoyability. 


Ryan O’Rourke – Music Writer