The world of social media can be all too addictive. Whether it’s checking the amount of likes on your last Instagram post, messaging friends on Whatsapp, or checking in with various social media platforms, it can certainly be time consuming. When does it become so draining that it is time to take a break?

Social media usage can become draining when it takes time away from a productive action or activity. For example, if you are scrolling through your Twitter timeline instead of finishing a book for tomorrow’s lecture, you may find yourself feeling anxious and on-edge.

Social media usage can also strain interpersonal relationships and real-life communication. No one enjoys spending time with a friend who constantly sits on their phone and it can lead to the other person feeling ignored and neglected. When a phone or social media app takes the place of a personal interaction, it’s time to take a detox from your social media networks.

Most importantly, if you find yourself seeking validation and self-worth from something as trivial as the amount of likes on a selfie, it’s time to take a social media break.

Sometimes, a social media cleanse only needs to be a few hours. Other times, a good week or two without checking Snapchat will do a world of good. Taking care of yourself should come before Twitter clout and Instagram fame.

If you find yourself too addicted to social media, there are other forces that can assist. Downloading apps such as ‘Cold Turkey’ will block certain apps and websites for a set amount of time in order for you to disconnect.

Enjoy some fresh air, time with friends, or a good book. There is more to life than what is behind a screen.

Mary Sheehan – LifeStyle Writer