look serif;”>While some might argue that it’s a cast’s chemistry that makes a show, pharmacy that it’s the soundtrack or the production, sovaldi there’s a lot to be said for a show’s ability to know when to end. For a producer to know when it’s time to wrap up a show is almost as critical as the show’s concept.

As we await How I Met Your Mother’s return to American screens on September 24th, I can’t help but hope that this eighth series will be its last. Now don’t get me wrong; I’m a massive fan of Ted’s romantic misadventures, Barney’s philandering, Marshall and Lily’s journey through domestic life and Robin’s climb up the career ladder. Having been introduced to the American sitcom two summers ago, I was so absorbed with the group’s exploits that I watched the first five series in the space of about two weeks. I loved the format of the show, the soundtrack, the unique characters, and so it saddens me that the series seems to have lost some of that spark that captured the audience at the beginning. I’m pretty sure that had the show ended at series six or seven, I probably would have enjoyed it just as much, if not more.

For me, the last season of HIMYM, despite receiving critical acclaim and the highest viewer ratings of its seven seasons, seemed dragged out and artificial. Storylines became farcical, some episodes seemed pointless and other episodes served purely as filler mid-season. While the upcoming season – the eighth in the series- is being written as the final season, negotiations are still underway which could mean that Ted and the gang could be returning to our screens for an ultimate ninth season.

Considering the unique format of the show however, I’m wondering how a ninth season would work out if an eight season has already been written and is already airing. Due to the time-sensitive nature of the show’s storylines, it would be difficult to extend out a storyline that has already come to conclusion, and the dynamic of the show could be sacrificed for longevity.

I’m reminded of Scrubs somewhat, a series which at its peak was one of the best shows on our screens, a unique and quirky comedy show that touched on sensitive issues. Even the finishing series were consistent with the vision that the show had started out on. But with the commission of a spin-off series featuring most of (but not really) the original cast, respect for the series as a whole declined, and the show was quickly wrapped up.

One creator who really knows the value of wrapping a show up at the right time is the daddy of Father Ted, Graham Linehan. Shows like Black Books, The I.T Crowd and even Father Ted itself knew when to finish; timing is everything.

HIMYM, I love you. But please, let this series be the last, for everyone’s sake.

– Lisa Gorry