We wanted to know what everyday students thought about various aspects of UCD life. From societies to seating, here is what you had to say:

When asked about his opinion on UCD’s many societies, Drummond McGinn, a first year Politics Student had his say: “The Freshers nights run by the societies at the start of the year really helped me to come out of my shell and make the adjustment from secondary school life. The societies really make you feel welcome and encourage you at every step, it helps you find your feet.”

Martyna Szmagara, a second year Financial Maths student spoke to us about sports in UCD: “You really can’t beat the facilities here. I’m in the gym and the pool constantly, the only issue I’ve ever had is the size. Basically, what we have is great, we just need more of it”.

We asked Conor Barry, a Sociology student, about food and seating areas on campus: “There’s a coffee shop every six feet so that works out very handy when you’re in a rush. Plenty of places for food but never enough seats anywhere. Usually I end up on the floor outside Theatre L.” 

Clubhouse 2
Photo Credit: ucd.ie

We asked Ben Heapes, a food science student about his experiences with UCD Clubhouse: “I love the Clubhouse, but seriously wish it was bigger. The pints are alright, the chicken curry can’t be beaten. Sometimes, the place is just far too packed, I think they could do a lot more business if they expanded or opened another one, like.” Declan Lee, a third-year economics student echoed this sentiment. “I don’t drink a lot but go for the food and to meet friends. It’s packed all the time and I can never get a seat.”

Finally, we asked about where students feel UCD could really improve to make student life that little bit more manageable. Aimee Winn, who studies City Planning and Environmental Policy had suggested that “UCD work on their SISWEB access during results. It’s a pain having to wait hours trying to find out my results.”


Marcus Dupuy – Vox Popper