A number of USI and SU student representatives have attempted to stage an occupation in Dublin city centre.

Speaking to the College Tribune at 5.30pm this evening from a locked room inside the Department of Social Protection in Dublin’s north inner city, Gary Redmond, USI President said he was in the room with three others student representatives.

A group of ten student representatives had attempted an occupation at the Department of Jobs on Kildare Street but were unsuccessful. It was reported by the University Times that the group were threatened with pepper spray. The group had initially attempted to occupy the Labour Party Headquarters but it is understood that they were unsuccessful there also.

Redmond told the College Tribune that they had enough supplies, including a toilet,  to last them a week in the Department of Social Protection and they would not leave until the leader of the Labour Party Eamon Gilmore clarifies his position on the student contribution. Redmond said they would refuse to leave the Department building unless they were forcibly evicted or by court order.

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3 thoughts on “USI Attempt Occupation in City Centre

  1. Gary Redmond couldn’t organise a p up in a brewery let alone organise a successful occupation.

    Why weren’t FEE invited to the occupation, which would have then probably stood a chance of success.

    USI and national SU’s consist of a bunch of absolute tossers. My real feelings of these people would be far too offensive to express on this page.

  2. “Why can’t FEE organise their own occupation if they are any good?”

    Hilariously, the next day, they did.

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