DeeksOver the summer break, university president Andrew Deeks attended a number of functions representing UCD to the wider academic and business communities.

These functions typically entail much hand-shaking, back-patting and photo-opportunitying and serve the function of allowing the president to establish the kind of links which have established UCD’s sterling reputation as “Ireland’s Global University.”

One of these networking events ‘Turn it up: A new vision for Australian manufacturing’ took place not far from the president’s childhood home in Perth, Australia.

The event ran particularly smootly with little upset, though the College  Turbine understands that a bottle of corked wine was returned to the kitchen at the request of an attendee. towards the end of the evening.

The networking event was part of a larger conference attended by a number of well known Australian and Kiwi researchers and focussed on solving logistical issues which stem from the Oceanic islands resting upside down in relation to the bulk of their trading partners.

“The monetary costs are well into the millions” said researcher Alan Dunham, “with export products having to be produced and packaged in specially commissioned facilities to ensure they will function correctly when exposed to the stresses of continuous upside-down use.”

Words by Hans Offerman, Turbine Editor