The first Union Council Representatives (UCRs) will soon be elected. The position was created under the new UCD SU Constitution, cheap which was passed last year. Duties include sitting on Union Council, salve working with Class Reps to organise events, taking an active role in the formation of Union policy and holding the Union Executive to account.

Paddy Guiney, SU Campaigns and Communications Officer, spoke to the College Tribune about the importance of the UCRs and why people should run for the position.

“If you’re in first year and you want to meet people, it’s a fantastic way to do it. I never got involved in the Union until third year and that would have been one of my biggest regrets… getting involved in UCD makes it a whole lot better and you meet people from different buildings that you’d never get to meet before. You gain a lot of confidence as well, through public speaking [and] through organizing events.”

“If you’re on the fence about running…or you’re not sure about running, I’d fully advise you to run. I did it myself I ran in third year for politics class rep. I had a fantastic year, I got to meet so many new people, I got to speak on issues and make a change in UCD through the Union.”

Guiney stressed that becoming a UCR offers students the opportunity to tackle issues that affect both themselves and their peers.

“You can make changes in the university [about things] that you’re not happy with and that legacy will be left long after you’re gone. This is something you should definitely do. Get involved in UCD life and sit on Union Council, represent your class and make a difference in UCD.”

UCR nominations close at 5pm today. Students who wish to run for the position must be nominated by at least five students from the constituency they intend to contest. Nominations must be submitted by placing the completed nomination form into the metal box in the General Office of the Students’ Union in the Student Centre or by handing it to the Union Returning Officer.


James Grannell