The initial executive Students’ Union elections saw only three candidates participate in two races; Law College Officer and Science College Officer. The upcoming By-Elections have three candidates on the ballot for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences College Officer, one for Agriculture, Food Sciences and Veterinary College Officer and two for Health Sciences College Officer. No candidate is running for Business College Officer.

Below are short biographies of all candidates who responded when reached out to by the College Tribune.

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Caillum Hedderman

Well, how are ya keeping? My name is Caillum and I am running to be your next AHSS College Officer. I’m from Limerick, in my first year of Politics, International Relations & Sociology student and I have a couple of years experience in the policy and advocacy field under my belt.

As Student Residence Campaigns’ Coordinator with the SU for the past year, it has shown me the importance of grassroot student engagement. My goal is to engage, educate and empower each other as students to fully experience a balanced academic and social life. We need to reassess our Union structure, and through a more fluid class rep reporting structure I hope to play my part in ensuring AHSS students in their everyday college life are heard on the issues they face but are also aware of the support available to them. AHSSing 101 is a resource I would like to create in order to shed a light on the incredible opportunities in UCD for AHSS students, while also supporting students in every way they may need. I am also a fan of social media as an engagement tool, and if elected I will create a vlog series (no Tik Tok dances) on the workings and structures of the Union to ensure students are aware of their representative body. 

I would love the opportunity to talk directly to you as AHSS students, so please feel free to reach out to me on any of my campaign social media accounts @caillum4ahss and we can grab a coffee or a pint!

Rachel Toal

Hey everyone! My name is Rachel Toal and I am from Sligo in my second year doing Politics and Economics. 

I want to become your next AHSS College Officer as so often mental health is pushed to the side for more important things throughout the year such as the countless exams, assignments and the lack of student counselling on campus.

Personally, I have pushed my mental health aside to a point where it reached a dangerous level of stress and anxiety. Therefore, this role is more than something on the CV, this is personal to me as I never I want any student to feel or experience this. I want to provide a framework to ensure this never happens to our students and that is why I want to create a range of supports and events that focuses on helping your assessments, wellness and happiness. 

If you would like to see this happen, if you would like to tackle the challenges together, stand united, then vote no.1 for Rachel Toal as AHSS College Officer. 

Róisín Alff

My name is Róisín and I am an Irish- Luxembourgish first year studying EDF, and I would love to be one of your next AHSS College Officers. My three main points of focus are mental health, inclusion, and career opportunities. When it comes to mental health and inclusion, I want to organise events in collaboration with societies to get us to take a break from studying and have some fun. We could go on calming outings, organise fundraiser events, and get speakers in from mental health organisations. The events organised would come to benefit mental health and inclusion. On another note, many do not know what to pursue at the end of their degrees. That is why I would like to bring people in from a variety of jobs one can follow with a degree in AHSS, and particularly shed a light on the unpopular paths.

Agriculture, Food Science and Veterinary

Hannah Tilly

Health Sciences

Rhys Scully

Hi there, my name is Rhys Scully and I’m running to be the next Health Science College Officer. I’m 20 years old, from Carlow and I’m currently in Stage 2 Undergraduate Medicine. To summarise my manifesto I will hold regular ‘clinics’ to gather the views of students on what can be improved in the college of Health Sciences, ensure the SU supports students with the rising cost of living, ensure UCD continues to support students as we live with COVID-19, and ensure the university supports students on placement so that they feel connected to the university. I have plenty of experience, having been a BHLS class rep last year, served a 2 year term on the Comhairle na nÓg National executive working on student voice and equality, and undertaking training with the European Changemakers Academy. I strongly believe in open communication and honestly, and I hope to get your vote on the 21st and 22nd!

Sarah McGrath

I’m Sarah, a 21-year-old radiography student from Wicklow and I’m running to be your next Health Science College Officer. I’ve been a class rep for two years and I’ve been campaigning for financial support for students on placement since the start of 2020. I want students to feel supported on placement and still have access to all the services they need no matter where they are. I want to show students what the SU does and can do for them and bring a sense of community back to college. I know my years of debating will help me to fight for what students need and ensure that we’re listened to and taken seriously. I’ve already got the ball rolling on campaigns for placement and I want to continue pushing for more support for you as your Health Science College Officer!

Mahnoor Choudhry – Co-Editor