Samuel O’Connor, the student at the centre of a membership dispute with UCD Students’ Union has had his request to leave the union accepted.

Following a meeting of the union’s Independent Appeals and Disciplinary Board (IADB), the board agreed to Mr. O’Connor’s request to have his name removed from UCDSU’s electoral register and any databases used by the union to contact students.

The board stated that by not doing so, “UCDSU would not be respecting Mr. O’Connor’s legal rights.”

However, Mr. O’Connor’s request for a refund of membership fees was denied by the IADB, as the board stated that “students in UCD do not pay a membership fee to UCDSU [directly].” The board continued that “students pay the student contribution set by the state together with local levies. UCDSU in turn negotiates receipt of funds from UCD on a block allocation basis in light of the cost of providing student services on campus.”

Speaking to the College Tribune this evening Mr. O’Connor said that he was “satisfied” with the IADB’s decision and that it came as a relief to him.

“It is enormously satisfying to have my position vindicated after such a prolonged ordeal,” he added.

When questioned on whether he will now appeal to UCD authorities to refund monies to him Mr O’Connor stated that he will be making his “resignation from the union known to the college authorities.”

The IADB is a board that has the final say on UCDSU constitution matters and acts as the final tribunal of appeal within the union. Membership of the IADB is made up of two former presidents of the union who are no longer members of the union or who are not current members of the union’s finance committee, a legal advisor to the union and two external members who have not been members of the union for three years.

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  1. important decision. UCDSU must not be allowed to force its ideology on students.

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