The College Tribune reached out to all candidates running in the upcoming University College Dublin Students’ Union (UCDSU) College Officer election next week and asked to be provided with a short summary of the candidates’ manifestos and reasons why the student body should vote for them. Read them here below. 

Health Science College Officer

Louise Costello

“I’m Louise Costello, a first year Biomedical, Health & Life Sciences Student. I am the current 1st-year Promotion’s Officer with the ENT’s Forum and I am excited, motivated and prepared to take on a greater role within the Student Union.

I want to be your next Health Sciences College Officer because I believe I can help improve communication within our school. I think having a palpable sense of community is more important than ever and I’m willing to work hard to make that happen.”

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences College Officer

Ronan Cloney

Ronan Cloney:
“Essentially, my manifesto can be broken into two categories; community and education. From a community point of view, I think it is really important to try to kickstart that lost social element of college and communicate as CO to students, just so people can see the benefit of their vote.

For education, be it remote or in-person, there are undoubtedly issues we need to work through and I think it is important to have the student perspective heard on this.”

Shane Lynch

Shane Lynch:
“My Manifesto is focused around 5 main pillars:
Sustainability, Helping Hand, AHSS for All, Newman Improvements, Enhancement of the Experience

As you may have noticed, these pillars spell out my name. This is so it’s easy to remember that I am the best candidate to tackle the issues that face you on a daily basis and the candidate who has your back. I strongly advise you to read my manifesto which is available on the SU website and on my socials.

Vote for Shane Lynch on the 31st– 1st April if you want to see strong, altruistic and pragmatic leadership at the helm of the AHSS student body.

Our voice, your vote!”

Oifigeach na Gaeilge

Louise Mahon

“I intend to ensure services on campus are available through Irish (health services and those at the student desk), to kickstart discussions about modules being taught through Irish in various disciplines across campus, and to properly promote and publicize existing Irish services in UCD more among students.

I have volumes of experience with the promotion of Irish, through An Cumann Gaelach and Teach na Gaeilge. The course that I’m studying, Law with Irish, will be of assistance to me in implementation of the Official Languages Act 2003. I’m really hardworking and intend to do the most I can for UCD students and the presence of Irish on campus! 

Ag, Food and Vet College Officer

Maria Wall

“Hiya! My name is Maria. My manifesto touches on three clear points.
You, Your college life and Your life outside.
You: I’ll work to improve mental health support
Your college life: I’ll have social events and a campaign for fee reductions.
Your life outside: I’ll create a pro-farming social media presence while also promoting jobs within the agri-food sector.
Vote me #1, because I’ll make sure that we #milkourrights while also having a good time.”

Arch and Eng College Officer

Meserah Abdullah

“I’m Meserah and I’m running for EngArch College officer! I’m a first year engineering student. I have experience campaigning for student voice as a member of student councils, green schools, debate team, mentorship and prefect.

This will be my first advocacy position as a third-level student, so I’m super excited! As college officer, I would ensure that students have an easily accessible way to communicate their problems and that EngArch students are well represented in the SU.”

Science College Officer

Billy Egan

Billy Egan:
“I want to work on the issues that affect Science students most; tackling high book costs with a book exchange group and book vouchers, working to have separate bins for recycling, organising talks with industry guest speakers but most importantly I’ll get the microwaves back!!

I’ve also been very careful not to overcommit, so that I’ll have time to deal with the problems that will inevitably arise due to COVID-19.” 

Eoin Fagan

Eoin Fagan:
“My name is Eoin Fagan, a 20-year-old physics student in my 3rd year from Dublin and I’m running to be your next college officer. I have 2 years of experience as a class rep and I’ve seen the best and worst of UCD.

I want to improve facilities, support students, increase engagement/representation and bring environmental issues back on the table. If you want positive change with direction and magnitude, vote Fagan #1 for Science Officer!”

Mahnoor Choudhry – Deputy News Editor

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