Following a phenomenally successful Freshers week, buy cialis UCD LGBT remains the largest student LGBT society in Ireland with almost 400 members signed up so far.

The society, buy viagra which was more active than ever during Freshers week this year, ailment has been the largest student LGBT society for a number of years now. Their growth in numbers follows an active summer during which they participated in both Pride and the March for Marriage.

David Healy, auditor of UCD LGBT, explained that much of the membership increase is due to heterosexual friends joining the society.  The LGBT has, this year, promoted heterosexual students joining the LGBT to become allies.

“We’re not LGBT exclusive, just like any other society on campus isn’t heterosexual exclusive,” said Healy. “A lot of straight friends joined and a lot of people who have gay friends; events have never been as well attended.”

The society will continue this week with a busy schedule, including coffee mornings and film nights. A “coming out” day will also be held during the week and will include workshops for people who haven’t yet “come out” and for those who have already talked to some people about their sexuality or gender identity. People can also share their experiences, offering insights and advise in an informal manner.

“You can read a lot about coming out online, but when you actually hear it from people you’re friends with or who you mightn’t know, I think you learn a lot more; stuff you mightn’t think about,” commented Healy.

Healy went on to say that the LGBT society intend to continue their recruitment on campus and hope to boost their numbers further by the end of the year. “The aim is still to break 500 [members] before the end of the year, which would be colossal if we done it.”

For more information about UCD LGBT society, check out their website:


– James Grannell