Freshers’ week kicked off on Monday, 27th of September and although students are back on campus this year the events are still heavily restricted.

There will be no registration or joining fees again this year and students will be asked to join societies online before attending Fresher’s events at During the year, some societies may have in-person fees, depending on events, while others may remain free of charge for the whole year. Previously, students had to pay a €2 joining fee.

Speaking to the College Tribune, L&H auditor, Roibeárd Fitzpatrick, said that although it is currently free to join, the Literary and Historical Society “will be reassessing that later in the year – depending on how the year progresses and the quality of events we can deliver”. Fitzpatrick added that the L&H plan to generate income through the usual means of running debating competitions, nights out, and other partnerships. 

The Fresher’s Week tent, where over 80 societies establish themselves and welcome new members will not return this year. Instead, the recruitment process will take place in newly created outdoor Pavilion spaces, in the Quad, and at additional events organised separately by societies themselves.  

The ‘Virtual Fresher’s Week Tent’ will make a reappearance this year between 12 pm and 2 pm from Monday to Friday for any students who have specific questions or want further information on a specific society. To find the ‘tent’ students should follow the link through the societies website to the Fresher’s Week platform and click on the society they wish to join.

The UCD Societies Council describes societies as the “real experience of UCD student life” and that by joining societies students can “make the friendships and develop the interests that make UCD an unforgettable experience”.

Emma Hanrahan – Deputy News Editor