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Following months of speculation it has been announced that the UCD Ball is set to take place in an off-campus location.

A site has been confirmed, treat however it won’t be announced until this coming Tuesday: the official day for the Ball’s launch. Tickets will be priced from €30 to €35.

Free buses will be provided to the event from UCD and the ticket will also provide free entry into a number of nightclubs after the ball.

Speaking to the College Tribune UCDSU President Rachel Breslin stated that “after a long process we are finalising preparations for an event off campus on April 26th, unhealthy of similar size and scale, and look forward to releasing the details and tickets next week.

The Gardaí have been very co-operative but had objections to an on campus event which were put forward repeatedly in person and in writing.”

Breslin continued, commenting that “We are delighted to have reached this stage and really excited to provide an event at the end of the year for students.”

The announcement, which was made at this evening’s Union Council follows on from months of speculation in relation to the ball. With last year’s location unavailable, other sites around campus were considered, however none were suitable.

It was also announced at Council that Union Council Representatives who work to promote the ball will be entitled to a free ticket.

The SU claim that the move to an off-campus location follows on from Garda objections. This is believed to have been in relation to excessive drinking that took place in previous years at the UCD Ball.

-Ronan Coveney

7 thoughts on “UCD Ball confirmed for off-campus venue

  1. Indoor venue just makes it another shitty gig. The whole selling point is the festival feel.
    Considering they knew well in advance that they wouldn’t have the running track this year… How have they managed to mess this up so badly???
    I like Heffo as a lad, so mean no disrespect, but this is an absolute shambles. Shows how much PK and the back room crew held everything together in previous years.

  2. Headline acts to include Richie Cavanagh and d saw doctors with an all night pass for coppers.

    its goanna b a crackerrrrrrrr.

  3. Who said it was indoors?! ‘similar size and scale’ would suggest otherwise, good man Heffo.

  4. My boy Heffo will sort it out, enough of the negativity people!! As long as I get an opportunity for a few fist pumps I will be happy out, regardless of the location. #UCDBall13 #loose

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