Since its conception in 1960, RTÉ has had a leading role in the progression of Irish society. What RTÉ has done in its broadcasting of Irish issues and Irish culture, has been a celebration of Irishness. However this celebration can be credited to a generation of broadcasters who truly moulded this broadcasting platform into the much loved staple in our homes, today. 

RTÉ has seen the end of an era, with such renowned broadcasters passing in recent times. The moulding of our culture and society over time has been analysed, reported on and captured through these loved broadcasters, Marian Finucane and Larry Gogan. 

Larry Gogan passed away on the 7th of January 2020 after a career of more than 40 years as a radio broadcaster on RTÉ. A lover of music above all, Larry showed immense support for Irish musicians. He broadcast the very first record on RTÉ in 1979 and made great efforts to publicise Irish voices and musicians. Larry was perhaps most famous for his show, ‘The Golden Hour’, during which he played old favourites and classics. His infectious passion for music from Ireland certainly helped Irish names to gain fame, such as Larry Mullen from U2. 

Marian Finucane will be one of the most memorable broadcasters in RTÉ history, as a woman who sought representation in Irish broadcasting and one who fearlessly engaged controversies of the day. She has widely been regarded as the ‘feminist trailblazer’, who played a key role in the women’s movement in Ireland and indeed social change as a whole. Marian Finucane paved a path of activism in her student years, a passion which was echoed in many of the shows she hosted. Her empathy and drive for reform will be remembered fondly. 


Mahnoor Choudhry – Reporter