After a horrible year in office, during which time he enacted many awful policies that caused so much hurt and suffering for good people, Donald Trump was forced to resign as President of the United States. It was not the Russia scandal that did it, nor was it the countless shameful comments he has made pretty much every day, nor was it any internal rupture in the GOP. It was one woman, who had the guts to stand up for the average American who has suffered so much under the Trump Regime. That woman, was Sharon Waterstone, a well-known background actress who has appeared as an extra in more than 1 movie, almost 2 tv-shows and was also the woman who said ‘hell yeah’ in a Gatorade commercial in 1998.

Sharon spent hours, commenting on Trump’s antics, or even directly tweeting him, calling him things like ‘Cheeto man’ or ‘Big Idiot man’ and more insults of similar comedic genius. But the tweet that finally removed Trump, the tweet that finally put a stop to the chaos, was simply one joke. One powerful, brave and insightful joke, that shook Trump, the GOP and all of their supporters to the very core of their existence. On February 11th, at 1:03 pm, Waterstone tweeted ‘@realDonaldTrump, more like Dumbald Drumpf ’. And there it was… Immediately the world went quiet and all air seemed cold and stale. The birds stopped chirping in the trees, the wind stopped blowing and the dew swept grass stood verdantly still. People were in awe, having never seen such utter devastation before. Trump was destroyed. He had been beaten.

Trump announced his resignation at 1:10 pm on Sunday the 11th of February 2018. He cited, ‘complete obliteration’ as the main reason.  Sharon has told Youtube news commenters she will continue to tweet against the injustices in the world, and those who perpetuate them. She even has plenty of jokes in store for the new President, Mike Pence, including one which calls him ‘Blike Brence’.

God bless you Sharon Waterstone! Never stop tweeting!

Seán Farbuckt – Turbine Writer