Layering Up Summer for Winter

As we all watch the summer months of shorts and our favourite summer dresses fade away, generic we wonder how on earth we will afford our new winter wardrobe, sovaldi after of course splashing out on all the latest summer numbers. The answer is we don’t necessarily have to!


Let’s take for example, our treasured peter pan collared, floral summer dresses. A must have in this year’s summer wardrobe right? This winter instead of clandestinely sitting in front of your wardrobe, sobbing while putting the dresses away for the year, why not pair them with everyone’s favourite knitted sweaters, cardigans or even a classic blazer and leggings. Accessorize to your heart’s content with scarfs, hats and cosy winter boots. This way we stay happy, cosy and our summer dresses get the wear they really deserve. This look is perfectly shown by fashion blogger Style Tab.


Another look nobody wants to be getting rid of too soon this time of year is the darling summer skirt look. With the fashionistas favourite floral and lace prints making a reappearance, I find this a really sweetheart look that girls will do anything to keep in their current wardrobe for the bitter cold months to come. Skirts paired with thick black or brown tights, boots of your choice and a knitted sweater or cardigan create an adorable way to freshen up your typical winter wardrobe of sweaters and jeans. Again everyone’s favourite scarves and hats can only better this gorgeous look. This is perfectly shown here in an image found on Pinterest.


Whether you’re fortunate enough to be able to go out and buy all the new trends, or you’re seriously into your seasonal recycling, these looks are definitely something to look into this winter if you want to be cosy and look good at the same time.


By Megan Hoare