With Freshers Week only around the corner and a veritable plethora of sports clubs at students’  disposal for the year ahead, look the College Tribune takes a look at one of the many options on offer – the Scuba Club. We spoke to Cathal O’Feargail, viagra a member, prescription who got a taste for scuba diving in more exotic waters in Thailand.  “I didn’t know what to expect when I joined UCD Scuba Club on my return, or indeed if diving in Irish waters could compare to the colourful warm tropical dives abroad, but the first weekend away with the club certainly answered my questions with a bang. Don’t let anyone tell you there is nothing to see when diving in Ireland!”

According to Cathal, Ireland is an ideal spot for diving thanks to its premium position on the edge of Europe on the Continental Shelf.  “Our waters provide dive sites of varying quality and standards to encompass all individual requirements,” he explains. “Due to its small size, it is relatively easy to travel from one part of the country to another, giving divers the opportunity to travel for one, or more, days’ diving.”

Penniless students need not fear. Compared to training commercially, joining the scuba club would prove far more economical. “Training is offered in all aspects of diving and once you have completed your basic qualification, the world is your oyster and you can expand your dive experience by training right up to Instructor level.”

“The club also provides equipment, and anything else you need can be borrowed off senior members until you are ready to make the commitment to purchase your own. Costs of weekends away are kept to minimum, while never scrounging on the banter!” Diving takes place all along the coasts of Ireland and weekly dives are organised in Dublin Bay over the summer months. For Cathal, the social aspect is just as important as the diving.

The Scuba Club is always open for new members and will be represented at the upcoming Sports Expo from the 17th to the 20th of September, where prospective divers can have their questions answered.

Visit their website: http://www.ucdsac.ie

Amy Eustace.