Tara Browne explores whether Emma Watson’s recent photo shoot hails the return of the beret….

Recently, ampoule I’ve been trying to find a happy medium between the purple crocheted bobble hat I’ve lived in all winter and the trendy fedoras that I personally think seem too heavy for spring. In doing my research, see I came across the gorgeous Emma Watson wearing a beret in a shoot for the most recent issue of Wonderland magazine (which Watson also guest edited).

When I saw it first, I thought she looked incredible. Then I saw the beret. This sparked a quick timeline in my head-hadn’t the beret buzz died down in the nineties? With the likes of Cher in Clueless? But then of course, how could you forget Blair Waldorf’s impeccable set of berets which were seen swanning around the Upper East Side? There have been numerous sequinned, crocheted etc. versions floating around in the past few years but none quite as sharp, modern yet classic or attention-grabbing as Watson’s.  Could this mean a beret-revival?

I don’t want to get ahead of myself; I know berets are certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. I used to think they were twee and more of a daddy’s girl sort of hat (see Cher and Blair), but this fresh take on an old-fashioned item has quite possibly changed my mind; it’s light, chic and from what I can see, it would look great with both short and long hair.

You don’t have to take my word for it either; Jean-Paul Gaultier had berets featured in his S/S 2014 catwalk in both the traditional French way paired with a breton top as well as in a more modern way, teaming the felt creation with lace and leather. The same goes for Orla Kiely’s S/S 2014, in which she modernised the preppy feminine look. Both are worth looking into if you want to see the two ends of the spectrum.

 I’m keeping my eyes peeled for one like Emma Watson’s, however; it’s quite difficult on a limited budget. The American Apparel beret I’ve picked out stays true to the classic, clean-cut beret, but what’s really great about it is that it comes in a wide range of colours (the one I’ve chosen here is in camel). It’s priced at €27, which might seem a lot, but it’s a multi-functional accessory that can dress up or dress down any outfit.

If you’re still on the fence about the beret and don’t want to plunge straight in (given it’s history of being in and out of fashion), you could try this Forever 21 knitted one which won’t break the bank at only €5.

If it’s good enough for Emma Watson…